In 2017, business owners have run out of time and options. For a company to stay relevant for the next 3-5 years, a website is a requirement. Your address, service or product you offer or sell, your history, legitimacy, and ultimately your overall success as a business relies on your ability to get in front of your customers.

You’re way behind, seriously.


Thankfully, you have taken the first step in ensuring that your clients will be able to find you and do business with you from here on out. Let’s get into WHY a website is so important today and moving forward into the future.

You are missing out on new customers & referrals

As of June 2017, more than 75% of your potential customers are using their mobile phones to search for your services or products. Not every prospect will call your office or business location to ask questions about your services or products, rather, they will search your business, and services/products you offer online.

online businessIf your competitors are online and you are not, potential customers are reaching them first before you. As a business owner, one of your goals should be to make it as easy as possible for your clients to find you, research you, and make a decision.

A website can act as a 24/7 Salesman, Tech Support, and Customer Service Representative all at once, allowing you to reach and convert a much larger audience than you could without an online presence. 75% more to be exact.

Your competitors are investing in their online presence because it works

Have you ever googled your service or product? Chances are your biggest, most successful competitors are also on the first page of Google & other search engines.
Seeing your competitors in the top 3 is not a coincidence.

Since 2007, the most successful companies have been staying ahead of the curve and staying profitable because they chose to invest in their presence, marketing, and customer relations online.

Their investment in a website and a comprehensive online platform to offer their services and products to the now majority of consumers has paid off consistently, more-so than any physical method of advertisement or prospecting (billboards, newspaper ads, and other print media).

Wouldn’t it make sense to adopt some of the same strategies the most successful companies in your industry have been employing for the past decade?

Physical retail is declining, take it as a sign

business website designsAlthough not every business sells products, the market for services shares some of the same characteristics as its counterpart does.

People are always shopping for the best price no matter what they are purchasing, and an online presence for a competitor puts their pricing in front of yours for more than two-thirds of your potential clients.

If you have spent time, capital, and other resources to give your customers the most competitive price you can, you’re still at a disadvantage if you are not reaching the majority of them by having an online presence.

The best prices and deals are online; it is a fact. Over the past three years, large and small physical retailers have succumbed to the overbearing, 24/7 storefront that is the current online marketplace.

A multitude of online companies to choose from without the overhead costs of physical stores and service providers have cut into their dedicated customer base. Shoppers are going online to find better prices, services, and information, instead of in person.

As a business owner, you have to keep your business, branding, and products or services in front of your potential customers to succeed. If the majority of your clients are online, shouldn’t you be too?

A website tells your company’s story, and what you are offering, all in 30 seconds

Imagine being able to show every single potential customer everything about your business, services/products, and prices within 15-30 seconds consistently.

With a website, you will get everything to your visitors quickly and easily, and give them an option to contact you and contract your services or purchase your product, without you even having to lift a finger.

If you can educate, sell, and reach your potential clients or customers without having to hire a salesperson or customer service rep, you have not only effective sales and customer relation & retention tool, but an affordable one as well.

An investment in a website gives you a more comprehensive and efficient platform from which to market to, sell, and educate your clients or customers, 24/7.

For many businesses, an online presence starting with a professional website was the key to expanding their operations and offers. An online presence gives you flexibility for your sales department, a foundation for your customer service needs, and freedom for your marketing team.

You will have a toolbox to showcase your services, relationships, and brand with the new majority of consumers that shop on mobile & desktop platforms.

Building a website in 2017 will yield instant results and return on your investment

Think about it. You have gotten this far, built up your business and spent money, time, and resources to get it to this point. Moreover, yet, you did it by exposing yourself to less than 25% of your potential customers.

Not getting enough exposure is the reality for many companies in countless industries, but it should not be for you.

By educating yourself on your needs for a website, you have taken the first step towards unlocking that 75% of potential customers online and being rewarded for the hard work you put into physically building your business.

Combining a strong physical market presence with an equally formidable online one yields a guaranteed ROI (Return On Investment) for any company in 2017.

Having a website for your business, service, or product enables you to maximize all your efforts. It gives you the ability to reach ALL your potential customers, not just one-fourth of them. It creates a 24/7 salesman and customer service rep working on your behalf, and with the right additions and upgrades, it can become the strongest cornerstone of your business foundation.